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Things You Should Know About Bernedoodles Before Buying One

If you are interested of buying puppies, Bernedoodles are among those that should take you off your feet. They are extremely cute and loving small dogs that come coated with soft curly hairs. They come in different colors and will astound you with their sociable temperaments. But just before you go, it is quite necessary to get to know Bernedoodles a little deeper, just to make sure they are exactly what you are looking for in a pet and, of course, a new family member.

Things You Should Know About Bernedoodles Before Buying One

1. They Are Loyal to Their Masters

Bernedoodles are a crossbreed of Bernese mountain poo and poodles. Therefore, they have undoubtedly acquired the loyal characteristic of both breeds. Everyone wants a loyal company, someone who will stay with you no matter what. These puppies will definitely make a good pet for and for the rest of the family since they usually display the character of being loyal to their masters. They easily recognize you, stay with you, and protect you. While other dog breeds possess a loyal character as well, this next characteristic of Bernedoodle should astound you.

2. They Are Intelligent

You’ll like having a Bernedoodle around because dogs of this breed are highly intelligent. They will amaze you with their brilliant moves and tricks. More than that, you are easy to train. They are receptive to instructions and show competence in following them. If you are looking for a pet dog that is excellent in terms of performing certain dog tasks, these are the ones you must set your eyes on. They come with a high level of trainability, so you are likely to find them really intellectual as they age.

3. They Are Sociable

Unfortunately, some dog breeds are not very sociable. That makes it challenging for an owner to bring them out and have them in company to different places. Bernedoodles are an exemption to that for these dogs are highly sociable. They have gotten this characteristic from this sociable gene source which are the Bernese mountain poo. Therefore, you will not usually see them stressing over the presence of other dogs or of children and grown ups. With proper training, they will make your life even happier. This also explains why they are considered as ideal pets for families.

Owning a Bernedoodle is a great experience. Aside from their admirable set of characteristics, they too come with a pack of awesome physical attributes. These dogs are apparently very cuddly and lovely due to their smooth curely coats as well as their small as toy size. If you are contemplating over buying a puppy for you or for someone special, then you definitely need to consider this dog breed. You can be so sure that Bernedoodles will not let you down nor make you regret. When buying one, you only need to verify the supplier’s credentials to make sure that you are buying safely and securely.

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